Kansas City Criminal Law Attorney

It takes the skill and attention of a thoroughly prepared attorney to effectively represent an individual facing criminal charges. I recognize that there's a lot at stake in criminal cases, which is why I take an extremely assertive approach to representing my clients.

I am attorney Craig Divine, and I handle criminal law cases throughout the KC metro area. When you come to my firm, I am quick to take action in gathering evidence and try to deliver positive results. You can expect straightforward advice, at all times.

Don't Say A Word To The Police Without A Lawyer Present
Even the most polite cop still has to do his job. Any statement you make to the police may compromise an effective defense. Exercise your rights. Don't say anything to the police without an attorney present. This includes any phone calls you make from the police station — they are recorded and can be used against you.

Jail phone calls are recorded, don't discuss your case over the phone

My Criminal Defense Practice

As a Kansas City criminal defense lawyer, I handle a wide range of criminal cases, including:

I also handle all types of Missouri and Kansas traffic violations.

Understanding The Charges You Face And What To Expect With Your Case

I make it a priority to explain the details of the charges so that my clients fully understand what's at stake. I will keep you updated about conversations with the prosecution and let you know how your case progresses. Most importantly, I will always set realistic expectations about the outcome of your case. I never sugarcoat updates or news; I only give you the honest facts. My clients value this approach and the one-on-one attention they receive in working with my firm.

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To schedule your free initial consultation, please contact my firm at 816-379-3929 or 800-636-8027. Meetings can be scheduled at a time that is most convenient for you. My office is located in Kansas City, Missouri.