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Technically speaking, there is no difference between assault and domestic assault under Missouri or Kansas law. If a victim suffers physical injury, the police may charge the perpetrator with assault, even if the people involved were in a domestic relationship such as husband and wife.

Anytime police come to the scene of a domestic disturbance, they are likely to arrest and remove one party from the scene, in order to diffuse the potential for physical violence. In many cases, these types of domestic violence incidents are charged as a municipal disturbance. Once the individual has been charged with a criminal offense, the injured party may not have the option to drop charges.

If you have been charged with misdemeanor or felony spousal abuse or a municipal offense resulting from a domestic altercation, you will need aggressive criminal defense representation. Call Divine Law Office, LLC, in the government district of downtown Kansas City. I am attorney Craig Divine. After hiring me as your lawyer, I will immediately begin investigating the circumstances of your arrest and work toward a resolution that will not involve a conviction on your record, if possible. I have earned the respect of prosecutors and am often able to resolve the matter through a negotiated agreement that does not include time in jail.

Remember, anything you say to the police or on your phone call from the police station may be used as evidence against you. Hire a lawyer before you say another word.

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