Lawyer Defends People Charged With Drug Possession

Simple possession of a controlled narcotic like marijuana in Missouri and Kansas is typically charged as a misdemeanor. If the police and prosecutor determine that the amount in possession exceeds personal use, it is common to have the charges increased to possession with intent to traffic or even felony trafficking charges.

A Drug Defense Lawyer Committed To Keeping A Conviction Off Your Record

If you have been arrested and are facing Missouri or Kansas drug charges, call my office, Divine Law Office, LLC, in Kansas City as soon as possible. I will immediately begin working on your behalf to investigate the circumstances of your arrest. In many cases involving drug possession charges, police over-step probable cause for making the arrest or when they illegally search property and seize evidence. In drug possession cases, assistant prosecutors often try to find every reason to enhance charges. I will work aggressively to protect your rights and provide the vigorous legal representation you are entitled to.

Hire a lawyer before you say a word to the police. Remember, even your phone call from the police station are recorded.

I Will Fight Hard To Avoid Additional Related Charges

Depending upon the circumstances of your arrest and the type of narcotics in your possession, prosecutors may also tack on related drug charges, including medical prescription fraud, possession with intent to sell, distribution and trafficking. If charges include trafficking across state lines, you may even face federal felony charges.

Will You Go To Jail If It's Only Possession Of Marijuana?

In the event the prosecutor's evidence against you will not allow the charges to be dropped, there may be "diversion" programs that will help you avoid a jail sentence. I will work with the prosecutor to determine whether options such as chemical dependency treatment programs, community service, fines and probation are available.

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