Criminal Defense Lawyer For Prescription Fraud

Prescription drug fraud is rapidly becoming one of the most common criminal offenses in America. As the U.S. population grows, patients who are unable to refill prescriptions for painkillers have turned to "doctor shopping" or forging prescription slips. Most have no intention of selling the medication, but prosecutors often charge the person for illegal possession or felony fraud for forging a doctor's signature.

If you live in one state but are charged with prescription fraud in another...
Because we are a city divided by a state line, these types of charges have the potential to be enhanced to federal charges.

If you have been charged with a prescription drug crime under Missouri or Kansas laws, you need a knowledgeable, aggressive criminal defense lawyer on your side right away. Call me, attorney Craig Divine at Divine Law Office, LLC, in Kansas City as soon as possible. I have earned a reputation for integrity and hard work on behalf of my clients charged with drug violations. I will work aggressively to help you avoid a conviction and the harsh penalties that result.

Anything you say to the police may make your criminal defense more difficult. Even your phone call from the police station is recorded and may be admissible as evidence. Talk to an attorney to start protecting your rights immediately.

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