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Not every homicide crime is charged as murder. Under Missouri and Kansas laws, there are various degrees of voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. Voluntary manslaughter may be charged if the victim's death occurred as a result of a criminal act. It generally results in a felony charge with a prison sentence for conviction. Involuntary manslaughter is alternatively referred to as criminally negligent homicide and may be charged as a class C felony in Missouri or a personal felony of severity level four or five in Kansas.

Vehicular manslaughter charges are often made against a driver who is found to be intoxicated at the scene of a fatal accident or whose negligence or misconduct behind the wheel caused an accident that resulted in the death of another driver or passenger. While the punishment is not as severe as a murder charge, these types of cases are often charged as a felony, resulting in a minimum prison sentence.

If you are facing manslaughter charges for the unintentional death of another person in Missouri or Kansas, you need aggressive criminal defense representation. Call me, attorney Craig Divine of Divine Law Office, LLC, in Kansas City right away. I am experienced criminal defense lawyer who has successfully represented clients in murder and homicide cases. I will fight aggressively to ensure your rights are protected and you do not face criminal charges if none are warranted for your actions.

Anything you say to the police or at the police station may harm an effective defense. Exercise your rights. Don't say anything to the police without an attorney present. This includes any phone calls you make from the police station — they are recorded and can be used against you.

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