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Armed criminal action is the legal terminology used for any criminal charges involving the use of a firearm in Missouri or Kansas. Felony charges include various degrees of murder and manslaughter offenses, armed robbery, armed assault and felon in possession of a gun. Misdemeanor offenses may include public endangerment, unlawfully carrying or transporting a weapon, illegal discharge of a firearm and other offenses not necessarily resulting in injury to another individual.

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Owning a firearm in Missouri or Kansas is not illegal. If you have been wrongfully charged of a crime just because you were carrying a gun you own, call Divine Law Office, LLC, in Kansas City. Having a lawyer who understands the law can make the difference in the extent of the charges and whether you face punishment.

If you are facing charges involving a firearm offense in Missouri or Kansas, it is critical to the outcome of your case that the prosecutor does not charge you for a crime you did not commit. I am an experienced criminal defense attorney with knowledge of firearm laws in Missouri and Kansas, as well as various municipal regulations regarding the carrying and use of firearms. Whether you are facing a serious felony or misdemeanor charge, or have violated municipal regulations, I am ready to help you protect your rights and your freedom.

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