Criminal Law Attorney For SIS And SES Probation

Under Missouri law, a person found guilty (or pleading guilty) to a misdemeanor offense may be assigned a suspended imposition of sentence (SIS), which is a type of probation that means there will be no conviction on the individual's record, since there is no sentence is handed down. Another type of probation is referred to as a suspended execution of sentence (SES), which means a punishment is handed down, but suspended. An SES carries with it a recorded criminal conviction.

The criminal justice system in Kansas does not include the distinction between SIS and SES when handing down probation. While Missouri does not count an SIS probation as a conviction, Kansas does. An or SIS probation in Missouri record can result in enhanced charges in Kansas for criminal offenses.

The difference in receiving an SIS or SES probation can be monumental on your future criminal record. As your criminal defense attorney, I will fight vigorously to have the charges dismissed or reduced to a level that results in an SIS probation, to keep your record clean.

If you are facing a misdemeanor charge in Missouri or Kansas, make sure your criminal defense lawyer will have the experience to fight to keep you out of jail. Send an email or call me, attorney Craig Divine at Divine Law Office, LLC, in Kansas City. I have an excellent record of helping people avoid a harsh jail sentence. I can be reached at 816-379-3929 or toll free 800-636-8027. I offer a free initial consultation.

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