Lawyer For Driver's Caught On A Suspended License

If you are caught driving on a suspended or revoked license in Kansas or Missouri may be charged as a misdemeanor offense, meaning you face a heavy fine and a possible jail sentence.

In many cases of a suspended or revoked license, the driver has a special provision to drive under certain conditions, for example, to and from work, medical appointments for the family, etc. Frequently, the police will write out a citation and charge the driver anyway, doubting whether the driver was meeting the conditions of the provisional license.

A guilty plea on either driving on a suspended license or driving without insurance may result in an additional one-year suspension.

Why The Right Lawyer Matters

Kansas and Missouri have various laws that can result in losing your driver's license after a specific type or number of moving violations. Knowing how and when to fight aggressively to protect your driving privileges is critical to keeping your license.

If you were charged with driving on a suspended or revoked license in the Kansas City metro area, or you have lost your driving privileges and need a provisional license through the period of your suspension, call me, traffic violations defense attorney Craig Divine at the Divine Law Office, LLC, in downtown Kansas City. I will work aggressively to avoid a misdemeanor charge and the harsh penalties that can result.

The Divine Law Office has earned the respect of Missouri and Kansas prosecutors and judges throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. They know I will work hard on my clients' behalf and will present a reasonable solution to avoid a conviction.

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