Lawyer For Driving Without Auto Insurance

Receiving a traffic ticket in Kansas or Missouri for driving without auto insurance is costly. Even if you have policy coverage but cannot provide a valid insurance card at the traffic stop, you face four points against your driver's license. If you are driving without insurance, you will have your driver's license suspended until you are able to prove you have the legal amount of coverage.

If you were wrongfully charged with driving without insurance in Missouri or Kansas, call me, traffic defense lawyer Craig Divine at the Divine Law Office, LLC, in the government district in downtown Kansas City. I have many years of experience helping people fight their traffic violations and avoid driver's license suspensions and revocation.

A plea of guilty on either driving on a suspended license or driving without insurance may result in an additional one-year suspension.

An Attorney Providing No-Nonsense Aggressive Legal Representation

I will not make empty promises about the outcome of your case. I will work hard to investigate the circumstances of your traffic stop and do everything I can to work toward a resolution that will not include a ticket on your record or loss of driving privileges.

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If Spanish is your primary language, arrangements can be made to have an interpreter available.