Kansas Moving Violations

It may seem as if a single ticket on your record won't make that much difference. That may be true if your previous record is excellent and you are confident that no further moving violations will occur in the next year. The truth is, you may be better off accepting the ticket and paying the fine.

But what if you aren't so sure you won't be pulled over again in the coming year? Although the Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) does not technically operate under a "points" system like many other states, a speeding ticket on your driving record can lead to serious consequences, including a driver's license suspension.

Reasons To Hire A Kansas Speeding Ticket And Reckless Driving Defense Lawyer

A speeding ticket can have a significant financial impact that goes beyond the amount of fine you pay. In many cases, your auto insurance rates may also increase. And don't think that changing insurance companies will avoid the cost increase. Insurance companies check driving records before agreeing to policy coverage. Many won't accept drivers with a bad driving record. Those that do will make you pay a higher premium as a risky driver.

Will You Need To Go To Court?
If you agree to pay the court costs and legal fees ahead of time, I can generally make all court appearances on your behalf.

Avoid Becoming A Habitual Offender At The Kansas DMV

Drivers in Kansas with two or more moving violations on their record are in danger of being labeled a habitual offender. That means you may be required to attend driver remediation training and pay an additional vehicle registration fee, in addition to higher insurance rates.

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