Defending Traffic Tickets Given At Accident Scenes

It is a common occurrence on both sides of the border in the Kansas City metropolitan area. If the police are called to the scene of an accident, one or both drivers involved will receive a ticket. Often, the police are put in a position of listening to the drivers' versions of events, then making a decision based on the evidence they see at the scene. And often, the police get it wrong.

In Kansas, you may plea No Contest to accident charges. Missouri allows you to plea guilty or not guilty but does not offer the No Contest plea option. Hire an attorney who knows the difference.

If you have been issued a traffic ticket at the scene of an accident, call me, attorney Craig Divine of the Divine Law Office, LLC, in Kansas City. I have years of experience helping people fight traffic tickets resulting from an accident. I know what procedures police use when making their decision about issuing a violation, and I know successful strategies to fight the injustice.

Call me at 816-379-3929 or toll free 800-636-8027 or send an email explaining the circumstances of your accident and ticket. I offer a free initial consultation to review your case. If I feel there is nothing I can do to help you fight the ticket, I will give you an honest opinion. If you have a good case, you will not find a traffic ticket defense lawyer who will fight harder on your behalf.

If Spanish is your primary language, arrangements can be made to have an interpreter available.