A Kansas City Criminal Defense Lawyer Is An Unbiased Advocate

Divine-Law-Office-Kansas-City-Criminal-Defense-Lawyer-Is-An-Unbiased-AdvocateA criminal defense lawyer is tasked with presenting the most effective defense possible for a client, no matter how awful the crime, or how guilty the client. A crime can range from petty theft, to a minor traffic offense, to murder, but the one thing that remains true in every case is that when you’re accused of a crime – especially if it goes to trial – you need a skilled criminal defense lawyer with trial experience in Kansas City to enforce your constitutional right to a fair trial.

While it’s not a job for everyone, as a criminal defense lawyer in Kansas City, I embrace high-stakes cases. Defending a criminal case can be challenging, exciting, and emotionally draining – but I don’t hesitate to accept a criminal case because it’s what I do best. My initial goal, once you have retained me as your criminal defense lawyer, is to establish a mutually respectful relationship with you, and to communicate openly and honestly during the process of building a strong defense for your trial.

I am committed to protecting your rights under the law, professionally, and without judgement.  Even though it may be difficult at times, I will pursue every avenue available for defending you at trial. I will immediately begin laying the groundwork for your trial by investigating the crime, interviewing witnesses and procuring evidence. During the process of voir dire, I will ask detailed, specific questions to determine if a potential juror is competent and suitable to serve. In addition, I will check into potential juror’s backgrounds, looking for anything that would influence them toward bias against you, or indicate leniency which could lead to an acquittal.

Preparing a case for trial is a lengthy, involved process, and unlike what it shows on popular television shows, it can take months, sometimes even years, before it concludes. You can be assured, however, that during the time it takes to process your case, I am not idle. I will be talking to prosecutors, discussing and negotiating plea deals for a reduction of sentence – in some cases, accepting a plea agreement will not only reduce your sentence but in many cases may even eliminate some if not all the charges against you. If you are found guilty, as your Kansas City criminal defense lawyer, I may be able to negotiate a shorter sentence. I will be advising you throughout the process, and if your trial does not go in your favor, I can assist you with the appeals process.

Protecting the rights of the accused is a critical component of a skillful defense and I am a criminal defense lawyer in Kansas City with experience in building a case that protects the accused. I am dedicated to obtaining justice for my clients and will persist in your case until the most favorable outcome possible is achieved.

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