A Trial Lawyer Is Needed For Child Custody and Support Matters

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A Missouri trial lawyer represents the clients’ best interests in family law matters. Family law covers marriage, divorce, spousal support, child support, and child custody. Whether you are going through a divorce, legal separation or a child custody dispute, a trial lawyer will help to ensure the best outcome of the case.

Trial Lawyer: Negotiates Family Court

When you are seeking a divorce, legal separation, or to modify child support or child custody orders, your best option is to obtain the services of a trial lawyer. They know how to navigate the circuit court in the county that you and your child’s other parent lives. In addition, they can file all of the required legal paperwork and communicate with the judge and opposing counsel on your behalf. 

Trial Attorney: Handles Family Matters Involving Children:

When a marriage or domestic relationship ends, when there are children involved, the most important consideration should be the child’s current and future well-being. Importantly, the most constructive, humane objective is for both parties to compromise on the issues of custody, visitation, and support.

Further, it is vital to the mental and emotional stability of the child for both parents to behave in a mature, responsible manner, to get along and at the very least, remain civil.

Trial Lawyer: Child Custody Matters, Parental Rights

A family law judge is impartial with regard to divorce, child custody or child support cases. This means that no preference is shown for either the mother’s or the father’s rights. Most importantly, whatever is in the best interests of the child takes precedence with a judge’s ruling in the matter.

Child-related disputes in cases where both parties are unmarried but are the legal parents of a child, whether the child is biological or adopted, are usually handled in the same way as if the parties are legally married. Just as in a dissolution of marriage case, all parties are subject to the same requirements of the court.

Child Custody and Support Cases: Factors for Consideration

The presiding judge takes certain factors into consideration of matters regarding the custody and support of dependent children. They carefully evaluate:

  1. Proposed parenting plans of both parents, including the intention to relocate.
  2. Needs and wishes of the child, and their ability to adjust to their circumstances, (i.e. school, home environment, etc).
  3. Mental, emotional and physical health of all parties, including any history or claims of abuse or neglect.
  4. Interaction of the child with both parents, siblings and significant others.
  5. Willingness and ability of both parents to support frequent and meaningful contact with the other parent.
  6. Financial and healthcare needs and resources of the child.
  7. Financial needs and resources of both parents.
  8. Standard of living of the child.
  9. Specifics of the custody and visitation agreement.
  10. Reasonable work-related childcare expenses of each parent.

Trial Lawyer: Files Motions Modifying Court Orders

Even when both parents have reached an agreement outside of the court, only a judge can modify an original court order. Further, a trial lawyer is needed to file motions to modify child support or child custody and support in the appropriate court. Parents must show how any changes in the circumstances will be in the best interests of the child.

Trial Lawyer: Mediates Disputes

Mediation is a confidential process in which an impartial third party trial lawyer facilitates communications between the parents to arrive at a mutual agreement when issues arise that can’t be resolved outside the courtroom. The attorney will submit the dispute to the court and then work with both parties and other legal counsel for the best outcome that is in the best interests of the child. 

For example, it may be necessary to obtain other professional services, such as counseling or therapy for the child. The agreement between all parties is then brought before a judge who enforces the agreement through a court order.

Trial Lawyer: Protects Your Rights

Divorce and domestic relationship break-ups can be extremely difficult for all parties, in particular when minor children are involved. It is always worth it to try and save the relationship. But when it can’t be worked out, you will need an experienced, competent trial lawyer who can fight to protect your interests.

Craig Divine: Trial Lawyer

Divine Law has successfully handled many family law cases with the level of skill and experience you need in matters of:

Whether it’s a divorce proceeding, a legal separation or paternity action, all of which are serious with regard to your rights to custody, child support, and visitation, you need a trial lawyer in your corner. Contact the Divine Law Office, LLC for a Free Consultation.


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