An Injury Lawyer Represents Victims After Car Accidents

Divine Law Firm An Injury Lawyer Represents Victims After Car AccidentsAn injury lawyer should be consulted with right away when you are injured in a car wreck. Before giving a statement to the police or talking to an insurance adjuster, it’s important to first speak to a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer. Once you have obtained legal representation, your attorney will guide you through police interviews, help you file an insurance claim, prepare all the required documents and make sure all deadlines are met. [RSMo §516.120]

Your injury lawyer will competently handle all of the important matters pertaining to your car accident case, starting with conducting a comprehensive investigation of the accident to determine what caused the accident and who was at fault. Finding out who was at fault is important for determining who will pay for damages and other losses, especially if there were serious injuries or a fatality. The attorney will acquire evidence to support your claim, such as police reports and witness statements from the scene. Further, they will obtain medical records, employment and wage information, and prepare a settlement demand letter to the insurance company.

Throughout the process, the injury attorney talks to opposing counsel and negotiates with insurance adjusters, and hires expert witnesses and outside investigators if needed. They prepare reams of documents and manage time-sensitive deadlines and court requirements, all with a goal of getting you the compensation you need to pay medical bills, reimburse you for lost wages, pay for damages to your vehicle, and more. 

You Need An Injury Lawyer Who Manages It All

Handling a car accident case is a complex process and takes a lot of time and effort. The injury attorney takes care of everything, beginning with the initial investigation, gathering whatever evidence is necessary to verify how the accident occurred and to help establish who was at fault. There are several factors that affect the time it takes to settle a claim, essentially consisting of the following steps:

  • Once your injury lawyer receives notification that you are released from your doctor’s care he will begin assembling all the necessary records, which takes time for health care providers and employers to prepare.
  • Your lawyer will then contact the insurance company to solicit an offer, which takes time for review by a number of insurance company representatives. When an offer is received, your lawyer will send the offer to you, and then meet with you to discuss a course of action.
  • In the event your lawyer is unable to obtain a fair settlement through negotiations with the insurance company, he may file a lawsuit, which usually involves a thirty-day waiting period for the defendant to file a response. There are other extenuating factors that may take even longer.
  • Once all defendants have filed a response, or answer, the process of discovery begins, which includes depositions of witnesses and experts and other involved parties. Discovery can be very time-consuming, depending upon the complexity of your case.
  • After discovery is completed, a trial date is requested and is dependent upon how busy the Court is; your injury lawyer has no control over the trial date. 

Although most cases settle out-of-court, it is not guaranteed. Sometimes an agreement just can’t be reached. The insurance company may make an offer that is too low or may deny any responsibility whatsoever. The fact is, insurance companies are focused on keeping their money, not paying out claims. Fortunately for injury victims, an injury lawyer is equally dedicated to fighting for their clients, and are committed to winning the compensation their clients deserve.

Consulting with an injury lawyer can make a huge difference in whether you receive adequate compensation for your injuries, property loss and lost wages. Attorney Craig M. Divine of Divine Law Office, LLC offers a free consultation. Contact him today for an appointment to discuss your case.

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