Contact A Defense Lawyer In Kansas City If You’re Arrested For Drug Possession

divine law llc kansas city defense lawyer drug possessionYou need a defense lawyer who has experience handling drug charges when you’ve been arrested for possession of a controlled substance. There are many layers to drug possession charges, and the penalties usually carry stiff sentences and often extended time in jail. Don’t mess around – call a drug possession defense lawyer as soon as possible!

A drug possession charge is generally defined as “the knowing exercise of control and ownership over a controlled substance in sufficient quantities to trigger a relevant local, state or federal law.” The specific circumstances of your arrest can influence the penalties. The courts in Kansas City have sentencing guidelines that increase in severity for repeat crimes. If this is your first arrest in Missouri for having possession of drugs your defense lawyer may help get the charges reduced, with the possibility of probation and no jail time.

divine law kansas city drug lawyerOn the other hand, if you have been arrested for possession prior to your current charge – or worse, multiple times – you stand the chance of facing harsher penalties, including time in prison. For example, if the police believe they can prove you intended to distribute or transport the drugs, your sentence will be much more severe. That’s why it’s important that you take a drug possession charge – at any level – very seriously and contact a skilled, experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Prosecutors have a lot of discretion in how they handle possession charges; and while some can be relatively lenient, that isn’t always the case. Any time you’ve been accused of drug possession it can seriously impact your life, and not in a good way. While some sentences can be fairly insignificant, many result in huge fines and long-term incarceration. In addition, a drug conviction can cause you to lose your driver’s license, your job, and your right to vote. Even worse, it can mean the loss of your freedom if you end up going to prison. 

divine law kansas city drug possession defense attorneyCraig Divine is a criminal defense lawyer in Kansas City who knows how even a simple drug possession charge can have devastating repercussions. He will give your case the attention it deserves, starting immediately. The first thing he will do is begin an intensive investigation into the alleged charges, seeking corroborating evidence, interviewing witnesses and doing everything he can to ascertain the facts. He has a solid line of defense against illegal searches of your person or property, and will thoroughly examine the results of any field-tests that may have been conducted for accuracy.

Further, he will aggressively defend you in court and in plea negotiations with the prosecutor. Craig is extremely familiar with the laws in Kansas City and the state of Missouri. His knowledge and skill make him more than qualified to contest the charges against you. 

If you find yourself accused of drug possession in Kansas City, there’s no question about it, you need to talk to an attorney to take on your case and provide you with the strongest defense possible. Call Craig Divine, Kansas City defense lawyer, and schedule a free consultation!

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