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If you need a criminal defense attorney in Kansas City, Craig Divine of the Divine Law Office, LLC can help! No matter what charges you are facing, Craig has the experience and expertise to mount a vigorous defense for you, while fighting for your rights.
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It’s a nightmare. If you or someone in your family has been arrested and charged with a sex crime, you will need a criminal defense attorney In Kansas City.  You would be looking for someone who has years of experience defending these types of cases. Whether it is a local or state matter, in Kansas or Missouri, Craig Divine will work closely with you to prepare you for your day in court. Did you know that something like public urination can get you charged with a sex crime, and that if you are convicted, you will have to register as a sex offender? 
Another area that has seen a lot of attention lately is child pornography, and it’s not always what you think it is. Most teens have a cell phone, and many use their phones to send inappropriate messages such as nude or semi-nude pictures. As with many other things,
teens don’t realize the seriousness of such an action, which can result in charges of child pornography. 
Rape is another matter. In both Kansas and Missouri, rape is treated almost as seriously as murder, and a conviction carries harsh penalties, up to and including a life sentence. If you have been charged with rape, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney in Kansas City to handle your case. A rape case can hinge on the reliability of things like how evidence was collected and whether or not the chain of custody was handled correctly. You need a lawyer who understands the appropriate protocols and can spot weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. The statements of an alleged victim are also critical to a rape case. An experienced lawyer can effectively cross-examine witnesses, pointing out areas where their evidence may be faulty or incorrect. 
Craig Divine has years of experience defending clients facing charges of rape, sexual assault, child pornography and lower level sex offenses. A graduate of the law program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School, he is a passionate defender of client rights, and wants to make sure that every client receives a fair trial. 
When you retain the Divine Law Office, LLC  to defend your case, you not only get access to a top criminal defense attorney in Kansas City, you also get Craig’s entire staff working for you. We firmly believe in the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” and will handle you and your case with care, compassion, and respect. 
Hiring an attorney is an important decision. Having the wrong criminal defense attorney in Kansas City can mean the difference between a successful defense and a conviction. If you are convicted of a sex crime, even one that is fairly minor, it will affect you for the rest of your life. Being a registered sex offender can make it difficult or impossible to find work, rent a home, or spend time near children – even those in your own family! If you need a Criminal Defense Attorney In Kansas City, contact the Divine Law Office, LLC,  at 816-474-2240 for a free consultation. Experience. Reliability. Ethics. The Divine Law Office, LLC is the law firm you can trust.
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