Experienced trial lawyer can help with your drug possession case

Trial lawyer help with drug possession
Do you need a trial lawyer for a drug possession case in Kansas City? Craig Divine of Divine Law, LLC can help. 
It’s a parent’s nightmare. Your son or daughter calls and says “I was at a party. Someone called the police. I’ve been arrested for drug possession. I didn’t even know there were drugs at the party!”  Drug possession charges can come about in several ways, sometimes through no fault of your own. If you find yourself in this situation and need a trial lawyer, contact Divine Law, LLC for a free consultation.
There are several types of possession charges, and each carries its own potential fines and punishments. At Divine law we handle dozens of these cases each year. Don’t go it alone!
Many cities, including Kansas City MO, have reduced penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana, and the fines are low. It might seem like a good idea to just pay up and avoid the cost of a lawyer. But paying the fine is a plea of guilty to a misdemeanor, and a 3rd plea on a misdemeanor charge could result in felony charges should you ever be cited a 4th time. It is important to have legal representation to make sure your rights are protected. Depending on the jurisdiction, simple possession can carry jail time. Also, you can still be charged by the county or state prosecutor for these offenses, with harsher penalties possible. Possession of more than 35 g of drugs or any Schedule 1 narcotic is a felony and puts you in jeopardy of serving serious jail time. 
Possession with Intent to Distribute
This charge is a serious felony with significant jail time if convicted. Several factors go into how prosecutors determine whether to bring this charge. Often their determination is based on an officer’s perception of intent, as well as the quantity and packaging of the drugs and whether any other items used for measuring or packaging drugs are present. An experienced trial lawyer knows how to fight this charge.
This offense is much more serious than simple possession or possession with intent to distribute. You are especially vulnerable if you were in a vehicle from out of state when you were arrested. This type of charge absolutely requires an experienced trial lawyer.
This charge is commonly leveled along with charges of possession or possession with intent. It can occur even when no drugs are present, such as if you are found to have a pipe or hypodermic needle with drug residue on them. Even common household items such as aluminum foil or sandwich bags can be treated as drug paraphernalia! An experienced trial lawyer can ensure that your rights have not been violated. A lawyer may also be able to negotiate a plea agreement to lesser charges.
If you have been charged with drug possession or another drug-related crime, you need a qualified trial attorney. A criminal record can affect your future employment opportunities, housing options, educational opportunities and even your credit. Don’t let one mistake give you a record that will follow you for the rest of your life! Call Craig Divine of Divine Law, LLC at (816)474-2240 or visit our website.
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