Find a Lawyer in Kansas City for a DWI Case

If you need to find a lawyer in Kansas City because you are facing charges of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), contact Craig Divine at the Divine Law Office, LLC. With years of experience helping clients defend themselves in court, he will work hard to help secure the best possible outcome in your case.
When you hear the phrase “Driving While Intoxicated” you may think it refers only to drunk driving. It is true that most DWI charges stem from people who choose to drink too much and drive a vehicle. As we enter the holiday season,lots of people are consuming more alcohol than they normally do. Parties at work and gatherings with friends and family may result in overindulgence. Even people who drink regularly may find that they have consumed more than they normally do. The biggest mistake people make is believing that they can “hold their liquor” and drive without any problems. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) “People may not recognize that critical decision-making abilities and driving-related skills are already diminished long before they show overt signs of intoxication.” FindALawyerinKansasCity
But alcohol isn’t the only substance that can result in a DWI charge.  Some prescription drugs can impair your driving ability to the point where you are a danger behind the wheel. Certain kinds of prescription medicines such as opioids (pain medication) or benzodiazepines (anxiety/depression medication) can impair your brain’s ability to reason and react. If you are driving erratically and are pulled over by the police, you may end up facing a  DWI charge. The fact that your doctor prescribed these medications will not protect you from charges. If you need to find a lawyer in Kansas City, whether on the Kansas or Missouri side, Craig Divine has the expertise and experience to help you as you face this difficult situation.
A DWI arrest can result in the loss of your driver’s license, which will affect your ability to go to work and take care of yourself and your family. As your attorney, Craig Divine will act quickly to protect your driving privileges by requesting an administrative hearing in either Kansas or Missouri
Being arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated is a serious matter. Penalties can be stiff, particularly if this is not your first offense. You could face jail time and fines as well as being required to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. The fallout from a DWI charge can follow you for years to come. As a trial lawyer with years of experience handling DWI cases, Craig Divine will fight for your rights and your driving privileges. If you are in trouble and need to find a lawyer in Kansas City, contact the Divine Law Office, LLC at (816) 474-2240 for a free consultation. Serving clients in the greater Kansas City Metro area, including Jackson, Johnson, Wyandotte, Clay and Platte counties, we can help.
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