Find a Lawyer With Experience for Drug Defense in Kansas City

Divine Law Kansas City Find a Lawyer for Drug Trafficking blogFind a lawyer in Kansas City when you’ve been charged with a drug trafficking offense in the state of Missouri. Drug crimes are one of the most prosecuted in the state, and you need a lawyer who specializes in these types of charges to evaluate and defend your case. Penalties for drug charges range from lesser offenses which result in fines, to more serious charges like drug trafficking or drug distribution. Missouri carries mandatory minimum sentences for repeat drug offenders, which require stiff obligatory sentences for anyone convicted of a drug crime. 

As the laws and procedures for defending drug trafficking are complex, you should find a lawyer with extensive knowledge of the law, and experience navigating the Kansas City court system. There are always viable defenses to drug trafficking charges, and by not ruling anything out and utilizing all available avenues, find a lawyer who may be able to have your charges dropped, reduced to community service, or have the case dismissed entirely. In some cases, upon completion of a drug treatment program, the attorney can get the charges expunged from your record.

At Divine Law in Kansas City, it’s our firm belief that no one should be judged for a crime without first being represented by a professional criminal defense attorney. Find a lawyer with established defenses they may be able to use in your drug trafficking case include:

  1. Entrapment by overzealous law enforcement.
  2. Unlawful search and seizure of your property (Fourth Amendment right violated).
  3. Personal use plea (could reduce your charges from a felony to a misdemeanor.)

The Divine Law Firm closely examines all the evidence against you from the perspective that the drug trafficking charge might go to trial. We analyze your defenses and compare them to what sort of treatment you could benefit from in a drug court or treatment plan, rather than fighting the case. If the case needs to be fought, Craig Divine is a criminal defense attorney with experience on both sides of the state line handling serious drug cases and has fought and won numerous drug trafficking cases in court.

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