Hiring a Trial Lawyer in Kansas City Increases Chances of Fair Settlement                  

Divine Law Trial Lawyer in Kansas City Personal Injury Claims 12-01-20A trial lawyer in Kansas City knows how to win personal injury cases and is on your side when dealing with insurance companies. Whether or not your case settles out of court or leads to litigation highly depends on the details of your case. Most personal injury lawsuits never go to trial, but when your case doesn’t settle, then you need a trial lawyer in Kansas City who won’t be scared off or try to talk you into a low-ball settlement agreement.

Hiring a trial lawyer in Kansas City is important when dealing with insurance companies who are in the business of saving money, not paying it out. They determine the value of an injury or death claim that they are willing to pay and still make a profit, with the objective of getting you to settle for pennies on the dollar. Attorneys handling these types of cases will steer you away from a pre-trial agreement; instead, negotiating for a more equitable amount of compensation for your losses.

While 99% of personal injury lawsuits settle out of court, it is not a sure thing and many cases end up at trial. However, taking a case to trial is also not a guarantee that you will get the desired outcome. Statistics show that of the small percentage of personal injury and death claims that make it to trial, only about a 50% result in a win for the claimant. While there are instances in which claimants can end up winning even more damages than they were offered, there is also a chance they could lose and get less than the insurance company offered, or nothing at all. Your chances of reaching a satisfactory out-of-court settlement are greatly increased when you hire a trial lawyer in Kansas City to handle your personal injury claim.

A personal injury trial lawyer in Kansas City who has negotiated hundreds of pre-trial settlements and taken many cases through trial to verdict has the experience and knowledge you need to calculate the total damages, analyze the specifics of your case and generate a reasonable estimate of what your claim should be worth. They will consider such factors as the extent of your injuries, the cost for medical treatment, future medical expenses, your income and earning capacity and lost wages, property damages, and more to arrive at an acceptable, fair settlement amount. If an agreement cannot be reached, your attorney can proceed with a lawsuit through the court.

You need to have a talented trial lawyer who has a strong reputation for turning down low offers and taking cases to trial in order to get the highest settlement from the insurance company. Craig Divine, a talented, committed trial lawyer in Kansas City, knows the value of your case, how to share the facts with the jury, and how to communicate the importance of your case.

In addition to the basics of the statute of limitations Missouri as applicable to personal injury, a trial attorney in Kansas City knows vital details about the various deadlines and the possibilities of extending the filing period. In Missouri, the standard time limit for personal injury lawsuits is five years, as stipulated in the Missouri personal injury statute of limitations, Missouri Code section 516.120

If you’re a Missouri resident who has been injured by another person’s negligent actions, the Divine Law Firm has represented hundreds of people who have been injured due to the reckless actions of other people, and we’d be happy to discuss your case at no cost to you. Contact the Divine Law Office, LLC for a FREE consultation.

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