Kansas City Murder Defense Attorney

Murder and manslaughter cases can carry mandatory prison sentences, and without an aggressive defense lawyer representing your interests you jeopardize your freedom and your future. At Divine Law Office, LLC, I am very thorough in how I represent my clients. I am highly aggressive in the courtroom.

At Divine Law Office, LLC, I handle murder, manslaughter and other serious criminal offenses. I have the skills and legal abilities to undertake complex criminal cases, and have the trial experience to most effectively represent your interests.

Legal Representation You Can Rely On

When you work with Divine Law Office, LLC, you can expect continuous communication about your case and about conversations with the prosecution. I recognize the stresses of dealing with a serious criminal offense and will try to bring a sense of security to the situation.

While I make it a priority to educate my clients on the law and the details of the charges they face, I also focus on developing a legal strategy that will likely achieve the best result. I am thorough in how I prepare my clients and their families for trial, and what to expect in court. At my firm, you always have an advocate on your side who is ready to fight for you.

Don't make your lawyer's job more difficult. Anything you say to the police or over the phone from the police station may be used against you as evidence.

Contact Murder Defense Attorney Craig Divine

There is no charge for the first consultation. Please contact me at 816-379-3929 or 800-636-8027 to book a meeting. I handle cases in both Missouri and Kansas, and am located in Kansas City, Missouri.