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A murder lawyer, also known as a criminal defense attorney, works with defendants who have been accused of the crime of killing another person, representing them in a court of law. They spend a proportionate amount of time gathering the facts, analyzing critical information, handling all the legal paperwork that relates to the case, handles appearances and attends hearings on behalf of the accused.

There are different degrees involving a murder charge – capital murder, first degree murder or second degree murder, all of which carry several penalties. In some states a charge of capital murder involves the death penalty. First degree murder carries a life sentence without parole until the convicted individual has served 25 years of his sentence. First-degree murder in Kansas carries a “Hard 50” sentence, which means the defendant has to serve 50 years before becoming eligible for parole. The charge of murder also carries the charges of voluntary and involuntary manslaughter, known as lesser included crimes; someone who is charged with murder could be convicted of one of these lesser included offenses.


Divine Law Office LLC Murder Lawyer Charges Murder Trail AttorneyWhen someone has been charged with murder, they should immediately consult with a murder lawyer who is licensed in the state where the charge originates from. Different states have their own unique system of gradation so you should retain a murder lawyer who is familiar with your state’s criminal laws in regard to your rights and defenses. 

Your attorney’s job will be to attempt to defeat the murder charge. One way to accomplish this is to negate one of the elements of the murder – act and intent. If there is no evidence that you committed the crime, then you would be clear of murder charges. If not such claim can be made or proven, the your murder lawyer may still be able to get the charge reduced by proving there was no intent on the part of the defendant to cause the death of another person. This could result in a reduction of the sentence. There are several defenses that your experienced and knowledgeable murder lawyer will be able to introduce in your behalf.

Knowing how to retain the right skilled murder lawyer for your defense of criminal charges can profoundly affect the outcome of your case. Some factors you should look for when choosing a murder lawyer are:

  • Proven experience. Arguing in defense of someone charged with murder carries a lot of responsibility for an attorney. His skill and knowledge can make all the difference in an appropriate and effective representation to the court. A lawyer with experience in defending against the specific charges you are facing stands a better chance of success; he or she can negotiate for a dismissal, or a plea agreement that is favorable to you; or his arguments could result in a less severe sentence.

  • Commitment and personal attention to your case is an asset you want your murder lawyer to have. You must be able to trust that he or she will act responsibly in your behalf. A smaller law firm could be a better choice for you than a large firm; retaining a smaller firm can significantly improve your chances for a better outcome, both in the courtroom and during negotiations with prosecutors and opposing counsel.

  • Choose a murder lawyer that you feel comfortable with and are able to communicate with openly and frankly. Developing trust in your lawyer can help you to present the best possible defense against the criminal charges you are facing. 

In both Kansas and Missouri a murder conviction carries a life sentence. Both states have capital punishment, and it is possible for a conviction for murder to carry the death penalty. There is also the possibility of a murder charge to include companion charges for unlawful use of a weapon and/or armed criminal action. 

At the Divine Law Office, we know that you have a lot of choices for a murder lawyer in the Kansas City area. Craig M. Divine has trial experience on both sides of the state line having tried murder trials in both Kansas and Missouri Courts. Mr. Divine has also litigated in the Kansas Court of Appeals and the Kansas Supreme Court. He has the experience you need to provide you with an aggressive and effective defense of your case. His careful attention to the details that are necessary to protect your legal rights, both in and out of court, can be the edge you need for a favorable outcome.

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