What Does A Drug Lawyer Do For You

A drug lawyer is a criminal defense attorney who represents someone who has been charged with a drug-related offense. Charges for drug offenses cover a wide range and could be a minor in possession (usually a misdemeanor), or possession with intent to distribute (almost always a felony). For example, if you are caught with more than 35 grams in your possession, you could be looking at felony charges. To compound the problem, if you are carrying a significant amount of cash at the time of your arrest, charges of trafficking or possession with intent to distribute can result. A conviction for any one of these charges can result in a proceeding in a court of law and if convicted the state will seek a civil asset forfeiture to keep the money! If you are charged with any kind of drug offense, the first thing you need to do is call a drug lawyer who will advise and guide you throughout the entire proceeding, start to finish. 

Some things a drug lawyer can help you with is to hire an investigator, obtain exculpatory evidence, handle the reams of paperwork, negotiate with the prosecutor or another attorney on your behalf, appear in a court of law and more. If you are looking at some serious penalties or prison time, you will definitely want to have an experienced and competent drug lawyer fighting for you, and as quickly as possible. It is never a good idea to represent yourself – you may have a high IQ and consider yourself amply qualified, but it is almost impossible to adequately represent yourself in a criminal trial in a competent manner. Drug Lawyer What Does For You

Currently one of the most prevalent drugs charges in the nation involves marijuana, in all its forms (leaf, edible, vape oil, etc.). Some states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana but both Kansas and Missouri have not. 

A drug lawyer is trained to analyze the charges and other details to determine the best defense for you. As each criminal case is unique, there may be mitigating circumstances, for example, the could negate the crime you are charged with. An experienced criminal attorney can build the case and plan his arguments most effectively. A good drug lawyer will:

  • Call and cross-examine witnesses in your defense;

  • Negotiate with the prosecution (such as for a plea bargain);

  • Determine an acceptable sentencing program; 

  • If found guilty, a drug lawyer may be able to orchestrate your sentence to your best advantage; for example, helping you find a drug treatment facility; 

  • Help you handle the range of emotions that you may experience, (i.e. embarrassment, depression, fear or low self-esteem), and more.


Craig Divine, at Divine Law, LLC, is an experienced drug lawyer in the Kansas City area who can help improve the chances of winning your case or obtain a more favorable plea bargain. You can get started building a successful defense of your case by contacting Craig at 816.474.2240. You can visit his website here.