Do you need a Criminal defense Attorney for Gang Related Crime?

Can a criminal defense attorney help you when you’re charged with a gang-related crime? Gang involved crimes are typically more serious and violent than non-gang-involved crimes. Crimes of violence with guns and involving drugs are more often associated with gang activity, and the defense of these crimes requires a unique approach. Whether the crime is for robbery, a drug offense, or involved the use of weapons – the penalties tend to be harsher when there is gang involvement. You could be facing heavy fines, life in prison, or even the death penalty. 

The harsher penalties for gang crimes makes it all the more important that you contact a criminal defense attorney who has experience with gang crimes and can begin managing your defense quickly. If there is any compelling evidence against you or if you are completely innocent of the charges, no matter what the circumstances are, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney with gang experience who can mitigate the case and explore all available options while building an effective defense.

Divine Law office criminal defense attorney gang related crime aug blog 2018Law enforcement agencies in the Greater Kansas City area are heavily focused on reducing the prevalence of gangs and gang-related crimes. They don’t have much incentive to go easy on perpetrators of gang-related crimes. Police personnel often use threats and coercion to instill a sense of hopelessness. Prosecutors will leave no stone unturned to get a conviction. One of their more successful tactics is to obtain a defendant’s cell phone history to track them and monitor their activities; such records indicate where a cell phone connects with a specific cell tower and gives a fair representation of the vicinity of the user. This information can be used against them as proof they were at the scene of the crime by pinging the nearby cell towers. 

In the past, it was not required that law enforcement have a warrant to get a person’s cell phone records but a recent Supreme Court ruling has changed all that, and now the police do have to get a warrant before tracking someone’s cell phone. A skilled and competent criminal defense attorney can help your case by using the same records as the police toward a successful resolution by proving exactly where you say you were at the time the crime occurred.  If your constitutional rights have been violated, key evidence can be excluded. In many cases, factual innocence can be proven that can result in an acquittal.

Protecting the rights of the accused is a critical component of a skillful defense and Craig Divine of Divine Law, LLC, is a criminal defense attorney with experience in handling gang violence cases and building a case that protects the accused. If your constitutional rights have been violated, key evidence can be excluded. We are dedicated to obtaining justice for our clients and will persist in a case until the most favorable outcome possible is achieved.

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