Can A Criminal Defense Lawyer Keep Drug Possession Charges Off Your Record?

Divine Law Criminal Defense Attorney Drug Possession Expungement Kansas City blogA criminal defense lawyer assists clients convicted of drug possession. If you received prison time, even after you have served your sentence, a drug conviction can remain on your record. This can make it difficult for you to find a job, get a loan, even get custody of your children. In many cases, it is possible for some people in Kansas City who have completed their sentence or probation to have their records expunged.

A new law enacted in 2016 makes over 1900 criminal offenses eligible for expungement, including most misdemeanors and class C and D felonies. The Missouri legislator has stated that marijuana-related crimes, such as possession or consumption, will also be eligible for expungement. This is good news for many people with convictions for drug possession on their record.

drug possession charges can be expungedHowever, the waiting period for becoming eligible to have your criminal history erased is substantial. For instance, at the completion of your sentence, the waiting period for eligibility is 20 years for felonies and 7 for misdemeanors. Further, you must meet certain other criteria during the waiting period, such as you must not have received any new convictions, including traffic arrests; you must have paid all of your restitution from your offense, and you must prove that you are not a threat to public safety. But it’s worth pursuing because Missouri expungement law states that once your record is cleared, all the files and documents related to your crime will be sealed or destroyed, and you will be returned to the status you held before your arrest.

criminal defense lawyer record expungement resolvedImportantly, record expungement can give you a second chance at life without the stigma of a criminal record. Not only will you be able to enjoy the same rights as everyone else, but you’ll have the same job opportunities. While it’s possible for people to restore their lives through record expungement, navigating the legal process is something a criminal defense lawyer can help make a lot easier.

Craig Divine, at Divine Law, LLC, is an experienced criminal defense lawyer in the Kansas City area who can navigate the legal system on your behalf and manage the process of getting your criminal drug possession conviction erased forever. Contact Craig for a Free consultation by calling 816-474-2240 or contact us online.

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