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Divine Law Trial Lawyer DUI Defense Attorney Kansas City blogYou may want to hire a trial lawyer to handle your defense for a DUI charge. There can be significant penalties if you are found guilty. A trial lawyer has the knowledge and experience to be able to guide you throughout the process.  

Depending on the facts about your case, your specific charges may increase your penalties – such as an extremely high BAC, or an accident resulting in injury. On the other hand, there may be other factors that could potentially decrease your penalties, such as procedural errors, a questionable field sobriety test, or a BAC below 0.08%. In any case, hiring a criminal defense attorney would be in your best interest. 

An experienced trial lawyer can investigate your case, determine the facts, and help you come up with a plan of action, acting as your defense attorney if it goes to trial. You have the choice of whether to plead guilty or to plea-bargain. Pleading guilty can earn you some significant jail time, loss of driving privileges, and much higher fines. Choosing to plea bargain, if there is any doubt about the outcome of your case, could be the better choice; at the very least, a competent defense attorney may be able to get the charges reduced. 

For instance, in Missouri, a charge where alcohol was a factor may be reduced to a “wet reckless” or “reckless driving” charge, which usually leads to a lesser sentence than a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). Wet-reckless, or reckless driving, is a plea bargain that a DUI defense attorney negotiates with the prosecutor in which the defendant pleads guilty to a drinking and driving charge. In most situations, this is only available to first time DUI offenders where additional charges apply, such as manslaughter, personal injury, property damages, or enhanced BAC.

However, in Kansas, prosecutors are prohibited from reducing a DUI charge where the purpose of the reduction is to permit the defendant to avoid the mandatory DUI penalties, but plea bargaining for other purposes is allowed. After evaluating your case, a trial lawyer can help you make the right decisions about a plea and advise you on how to proceed. Local DUI attorney Craig Divine knows what arguments are most likely to obtain a reduced plea.

If your case will be going to trial, you should definitely hire a trial lawyer. Typically, the Kansas City courts come down extremely hard on those facing drunk driving charges. Trial procedures are complex and risky and you’ll want a defense attorney who has knowledge of the law and skills navigating the legal system. 

The Divine Law Firm, LLC, has helped many Kansas and Missouri citizens overcome serious penalties including high fines, long-term jail time, a criminal record, and lengthy probation. Even if this is your first DUI, DWI, or DWS offense, you stand a better chance of avoiding harsh penalties with the services of an experienced trial lawyer licensed to practice on both sides of the state line.

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