You Should Find a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Kansas City

Divine-Law-Find-a-Lawyer-After-a-Car-Accident-in-Kansas-City-blogFind a lawyer right away after a car accident that resulted in serious injuries, hospitalization or that lead to other complications. If no one was injured, or there was no property damage, you may not need an attorney, depending on the circumstances. But even if there were no injuries, don’t rule out talking to an attorney – if you’re at fault, it could mean the difference in whether you go to jail or remain free.

Whether the accident was due to drunk driving, distracted driving during the course of your employment, or for some other reason, it’s vital to your future well-being to find a lawyer. There are certain things you can do to protect yourself, and assuming you are able, here are a few tips for what to do if you are at-fault.

  • Call 9-1-1 right away. Even if there are no serious injuries; you will need a police report in order to file an insurance claim for damage to your vehicle.
  • Don’t leave the scene of the accident, even a minor fender-bender, until emergency responders arrive.
  • Prevent further accidents by protecting the scene. Use your emergency flashers, flares, or flashlight.
  • If you are injured, seek medical attention, even if you don’t think you’re hurt; some injuries may not be immediately apparent.
  • Tell the police exactly what happened, to the best of your ability. Tell only what you know; do not speculate, guess or misstate any of the facts.
  • If you can, take pictures of the scene of the accident, but do not interfere with the police investigation.
  • Be sure to obtain a police report number; you will need it later to obtain the police report. If the accident occurs on a state highway, you must request the report from the state police.

Furthermore, do not make a statement to the insurance company or sign anything they offer without first consulting with your lawyer. It is important that you have received legal advice on issues ranging from compensation for your vehicle to how to make sure you are getting the best medical treatment available.

Finally, the most important thing you should do after an accident is to find a lawyer who can protect your rights and make sure valuable evidence is not destroyed. Not everyone will file a lawsuit after a car accident, but you can’t leave it to chance, especially if you are found at fault. You stand to lose your home, your car, your source of income, future earnings, and more if a court of law finds you guilty.

When you hire Craig Divine, a defense lawyer in Kansas City, he will immediately start building a case by conducting an investigation surrounding the facts of the accident. He will conduct interviews with law enforcement and eyewitnesses, and secure evidence, including police reports and records from medical providers. He will inform you about any special exceptions to the statute of limitations for car accident cases, and, if needed, can file a lawsuit on your behalf. Further, Craig has established defenses in place and knows how to approach the opposition while preparing your case for trial. From negotiating an insurance settlement to trying a personal injury lawsuit, it’s important to find a lawyer who can handle your case successfully.

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