Criminal Defense Lawyer Handles Drug Crimes


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A good criminal defense lawyer will tell you that every crime is defendable. If you’re charged with a drug crime in the counties of Jackson, Johnson, Wyandotte, Clay, or Platte – call Divine Law Office LLC to help defend your case! There are many layers to drug charges, and the penalties usually carry stiff sentences and often extended time in jail. Craig Divine is a criminal defense lawyer that will work with you no matter the situation.

Charges for drug crimes cover a wide range and could be a minor in possession – which typically results in a misdemeanor, or possession with intent to distribute – which is always a felony. If you are charged with any kind of drug crime, the first thing you need to do is call a criminal defense lawyer who will advise and guide you throughout the entire process, start to finish. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can explain the degree of the charges filed, defenses available to you, what plea bargains are going to be offered and what you can expect after trial or conviction. There are several types of possession charges; here at Divine Law Office LLC we handle dozens of cases like these:

  • Possession: Just simply holding onto an illegal drug; often a misdemeanor crime
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute: Trying to sell the drugs you’re holding onto lands you with this charge; this typically includes jail time
  • Trafficking: This is big brother to intent to distribute, but often involves a vehicle; also holds jail time charges
  • Paraphernalia: Can be linked with other charges, but can also be a charge on its own; typically, a misdemeanor charge
  • Asset Forfeiture: This is typically enforced when drugs are found as well as large sums of money; can include jail time.
  • Minor in Possession: This is usually the result of a party that drugs happen to be at and can be linked with other charges.

The specific circumstances of your arrest can influence the penalties, and Kansas City has heavier sentences for repeat crimes. Prosecutors have a lot of discretion in how they handle drug crimes; and while some can be relatively lenient, that isn’t always the case. A drug crime conviction can cause you to lose your driver’s license, your job, and your right to vote – even worse, your freedom if you go to jail. Craig Divine is a criminal defense lawyer who knows how even a simple drug possession charge can have devastating results. The first thing he will do is begin an investigation into the alleged charges, gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and gaining the facts as quickly and efficiently as possible. He will also aggressively defend you in court and in plea negotiations with the prosecutor.

Craig Divine is a licensed criminal defense attorney in both Kansas & Missouri, representing clients from all over the Kansas City metro as well as the surrounding counties in both states. He also offers FREE consultations! If you need a lawyer that will handle your case with ease, call Divine Law Office LLC today at (816) 474-2240. You can also contact us online!