Trial Lawyer Handles Family Cases

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Many people may not think of needing a trial lawyer for such matters as separation, paternity, and child-related cases. Divine Law Office, LLC successfully represents unmarried parents in these and other types of family law, including child custody, child support modifications, and divorce. Taking legal action in paternity matters is a complex issue that requires the expertise of a trial lawyer.

To allow plenty of time to prepare for trial, you should hire a trial attorney as soon as possible. Having a trial lawyer, as opposed to another type of litigation attorney, is important to the success of your family’s case. A lawyer who is familiar with local judges can navigate the complexities of the laws of the local courts and present a better case for their clients. Here is a list of situations where a trial lawyer may be helpful to your family and/or you:

  • Divorce: Divorce can be one of the most difficult situations a person can face, especially if children are involved. The specific legal term for divorce is a Dissolution of Marriage. It’s important to know what your rights are regarding access to your home and bank accounts. Who needs to pay for what? How to handle insurance for yourself and your dependents. You need an experienced trial lawyer who knows how to protect what belongs to you and fight for you to be the parent you deserve to be.
  • Separation: Less common than a traditional divorce, a legal separation is sometimes used to allow time for couples to prepare for the end of the marriage. In Missouri law, a legal separation is a legally binding contract with orders and legal protections in place for the participants – however the couple is still technically married and cannot remarry unless they get divorced. Debts incurred during a separation are not considered joint debts of the parties if the couple proceeds to dissolution later.
  • Paternity: If you and your partner separate and you have children together then you need to file a paternity action. Men who want to be actively involved in their children’s lives – this is particularly important for you. This action grants an enforceable schedule of visitation for non-custodial parents and keeps things amicable between non-married parents.
  • Child Custody: This means both physical and legal custody. Do you know the difference? Legal custody gives a parent the right to receive information and make decisions concerning their child. Physical custody gives a parent the right to have physical parenting time with their child. The parent who does not have legal custody – joint or otherwise, can’t have input on medical and educational decisions affecting their child. Protect your rights to both types of custody by hiring a trial lawyer. Ensure a parenting schedule that advocates your rights to contact with your children and input as to how they are cared for.
  • Child Support: Ultimately a math formula that dictates what amount of child support is paid, however they do consider health insurance costs, daycare and tax deductions and they also make sure there are no conflicting support orders already in place. Child support can be entered administratively in an administrative paternity action without any input from the father.
  • Modifications: Circumstances can change over time, requiring a modification – a change, to prior agreements. This includes things like income or expenses of the child. Having a trial lawyer to represent you during this process is just as important as having one during the divorce.
  • Criminal Non-Support: If you fall behind on your child support you could be facing a criminal charge. This is called criminal non-support, and the charge can range from misdemeanor up to felonies depending on the history and how much money is owed. This can lead to jail time and even loss of driving privileges if not handled correctly. Its important to have a trial lawyer who is experienced in these types of cases.

Only a trial lawyer can handle the many complex legal issues attached to family matters. Contact Divine Law Office, LLC for a free consultation today! You need someone to handle the paperwork, keep track of deadlines and guide you through the process with a helping hand. Craig Divine is an experienced, established trial lawyer servicing the areas of Jackson, Johnson, Wyandotte, Clay, and Platte counties. Visit our website to contact us to call (816) 474-2240 to discuss your matters so we can help.

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