What Is a Criminal Defense Attorney?

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A criminal defense attorney should be spoken with any time you have a brush with the law, especially if you are facing criminal charges. Any kind of criminal charges can result in jail time, and seriously affect your future. Don’t let cost be the factor that deters you away either, the expense of hiring a criminal defense attorney is nothing compared to the price of losing your freedom or future.

No matter what charges you are facing, Craig Divine at Divine Law Office, LLC has the experience and expertise to gather an enormous defense for you, while fighting for your rights. A criminal defense attorney handles anything and everything that has you appear in a criminal court. Simple traffic tickets, all the way to serious offenses like robbery and rape. Depending on the nature of the charges against you, you will need a lawyer to help you navigate the legal system and safeguard your constitutional liberties. Here are some things a criminal defense attorney like Craig Divine handles:

  • Robbery: The taking of another’s property by force or the threat of use of force. Any kind of weapon use will land you an armed robbery charge, which could end up aggravated armed robbery depending on the situation. Usually these accompany armed criminal action or unlawful use of a weapon charges. Eyewitnesses can usually be the make or break of these types of cases – which are serious felonies.
  • Sex Offenses: Did you know that something like public urination can get you charged with a sex crime and a conviction means you must register as a sex offender? An area that has seen a lot of attention lately is child pornography – teens sending inappropriate messages can result in child pornography charges. Most juveniles do not know that “sexting” with another minor can land them in big trouble with the law, for LIFE.
  • Rape: This is treated just as serious as murder in both Kansas and Missouri, and convictions carry life sentences. Rape cases require aggressive criminal defense attorney representation as the reliability of forensic evidence is the central issue in the case. The reliability of things like how evidence was collected and whether the chain of custody was handled correctly can make or break a case like this. A criminal defense attorney understands certain protocols and spots weakness in the prosecutions case. Mild cases can land you in municipal court, but more serious cases are felonies. Felonies affect your ability to be around children, even family and biological children, and will make it next to impossible to find work.
  • Probation Violations: When you make an agreement with the courts to stay out of jail, whether its state or city probation, if you violate that agreement, it can land you in jail anyway. Picking up new charges can be a serious violation of probation, but even minor ones like missing appointments can land you in jail. Its important to have proper representation from a criminal defense attorney.
  • Traffic Offenses: Parking tickets or multiple speeding tickets, no insurance, expired tags, turn violations, or any of the sort – rarely is it in your best interest to just pay the ticket. While it seems the easiest, cheapest option; pleading guilty will put points on your license. After so many points you’ll get a license suspension, and that can make insurance rates spike. If you got a no insurance ticket after an accident it can be an automatic loss.

Having the best criminal defense attorney in Kansas City to represent you is what will influence the outcome of your case in the end. You need someone with exponential experience in defending a wide range of criminal charges to help you navigate the ins and outs of the criminal law system. A criminal defense attorney has established defenses that can help your case, whatever the severity. Contact Divine Law Office, LLC today for a FREE consultation – 816-474-2240. Servicing the counties of Jackson, Johnson, Wyandotte, Clay, and Platte. Craig Divine – the law firm you can trust.

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