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Criminal defense attorney in Kansas City Divine Law LLC blogA defense attorney in Kansas City will be your advocate when you’re facing assault and battery charges on either side of the state line. Whether you were acting in self-defense, or it resulted from an accident or an argument that got out of hand – whatever led up to you incurring charges, a defense attorney in Kansas City has established strategies for defending you. When you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights, contact Divine Law, LLC as soon as possible.

Craig Divine, of Divine Law, LLC, is a defense attorney in Kansas City who can provide a strong, effective criminal defense on your behalf. He will fully commit to defeating the assault and battery charges you are facing and has a proven track record for successful conclusions to these types of cases. This is important for several reasons. In Missouri, an assault and battery charge, depending on the circumstances, may be considered a felony. For instance, if law enforcement believes there was intent to kill, or if the alleged victim sustained serious bodily injury, you could be charged with a Class B felony, and if convicted, you could be facing a 5 to 30-year prison sentence.

Even lesser charges carry serious penalties. For example, a 2nd-degree assault charge is also a felony, with prison terms anywhere from 5 to 15-years. Third-degree assault and battery is a misdemeanor that carries a hefty fine and up to 15 days in jail. Fourth-degree assault is recklessly causing injury or placing a person in fear of imminent physical injury.

Divine Law office criminal defense attorney gang related crime aug blog 2018In Kansas assault does not include any physical contact with another person as Kansas defines assault as placing another in imminent apprehension of physical harm. Kansas does however distinguish between aggravated assault which is assaulting law enforcement or using a deadly weapon. Kansas also has distinctions for regular and aggravated battery and also has a domestic battery charge for instances such as if the parties reside in the same household or if there is a familial relationship. Aggravated battery requires the use of a weapon in Kansas. Kansas is complicated when it comes to this offense having multiple severities with varying punishments for each. You need an experienced defense attorney in Kansas City when facing a battery charge in Kansas.

With any kind of assault and/or battery charge, you need someone who is on your side to advocate for you. This means someone who has knowledge of the laws in both Kansas and Missouri for these types of offenses and experience with the legal system. In fact, calling a criminal defense attorney in Kansas City when you have been charged with a violent crime should be your first priority. If you’re convicted, the penalties are severe. Defense attorney Craig Divine is an experienced, skilled defender of his clients’ rights with a proven track record of successful outcomes. If you are facing charges such as assault, battery, or murder, request a defense attorney in Kansas City immediately.

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