Defense Attorney in Kansas City Services Encompass a Wide Range of Allegations

Divine Law LLC Kansas City Criminal Defense Attorney Craig Divine blogA defense attorney in Kansas City who has experience in many different areas of law can be an important ally when you find yourself in need of a lawyer. With an established law firm located in the heart of downtown Kansas City, Craig Divine is the go-to lawyer you need for criminal matters, personal injury lawsuits, divorce and child custody issues, and much more.

Whether you live in Missouri or Kansas, Craig Divine is a defense attorney in Kansas City who successfully defends people on both sides of the state line. In the area of criminal defense, Divine Law has established defenses in robbery, sex offenses, child abuse, probation violations, murder, traffic offenses and assault cases.

Divine Law Firm downtown KCMOFor matters involving motor vehicles, for example, we handle personal injury lawsuits stemming from car wrecks and truck collisions. When an accident involving a fatality occurs, Craig represents defendants in wrongful death claims.

Many accidents result in injuries which can mean lost income and property damage. A defense attorney in Kansas City can help recover lost and future wages, and financial compensation for property damage and personal injury.


DUI/DWI charges often result in loss of driving privileges and even jail time. Further, when someone refuses to comply with alcohol and/or drug testing, vehicle searches or appearing at court hearings, charges can be incurred that exacerbate their case. You need a criminal defense attorney in Kansas City who can negotiate on your behalf with prosecutors, law enforcement, and the courts.

Many people may not think of needing a defense lawyer in Kansas City for such matters as divorce, separation, paternity, and child-related cases. In fact, Divine Law successfully represents spouses in these and other types of family law, including child custody, child support modifications, and divorce.

Whenever you are facing any type of legal matter, you should immediately consult with a defense attorney in Kansas City. Criminal defense covers anything and everything for which you may have to appear in a criminal court, from simple traffic tickets and municipal probation violations all the way up to the more serious offenses like robbery, rape, sex offenses, and child abuse.

divine law llc kansas cityIt doesn’t matter if you are convicted in municipal court or state court a criminal conviction can follow you for the rest of your life and can affect your ability to get housing, employment, and even credit. Never go it alone, protection of yourself and your family requires an experienced defense attorney in Kansas City who knows your rights and how to defend you in court.

Craig Divine of Divine Law, LLC, has trial experience on trying cases in the following areas: personal injury, wrongful death cases, criminal cases, including assault, drug distribution, and murder, DUI/DWI, and family law matters. He is licensed to practice in all state and federal courts in Missouri and Kansas and has the experience to handle these matters in a very professional manner.

At Divine Law, LLC, we offer comprehensive legal services, regardless of how challenging or complex. If you wish to meet with Attorney Craig Divine, call (816) 474-2240 or go online to schedule your free and completely confidential case evaluation. Don’t wait to obtain the skillful representation you need, as your time to file may be limited.

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