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Trafficking drugs can be a tempting source of income for many individuals, however, it is a crime that can carry serious consequences. In Missouri and Kansas, drug manufacturing laws state it is illegal to grow, produce, and possess certain plants and other natural elements termed controlled substances. It is also illegal to use chemicals and laboratory equipment to produce controlled substances such as cocaine, methamphetamine and Ecstasy. There are even stricter penalties for distributing illegal drugs, and the current public pressure to eradicate drug offenses in Kansas City often causes prosecutors to bring severe felony charges against perpetrators.

In both Kansas and Missouri, intent to distribute will be inferred based on how drugs are packaged, the quantity, and the presence of a drug scale or other paraphernalia commonly used in the drug trade. It is often how the officer regards the items found that controls whether possession gets morphed into distribution. It’s important that you find a lawyer who understands the drug trafficking charges and can explain the reality surrounding these types of charges to you. Some arrests carry mandatory prison time without parole, with sentences as high as ten years, depending on the amount of drugs in your possession, if you have a prior record, and other special circumstances. 
In addition, companion charges can compound the penalties. For example, if law enforcement discovers someone operating a meth lab or manufacturing marijuana in their home when children are present, they can tack on child endangerment and/or child abuse charges. 
Further, if you are carrying a significant amount of cash when you’re arrested, law enforcement may treat your case as a drug trafficking case or possession with intent to distribute. Either crime, if convicted, can result in forfeiture of your assets including all your money.

To make matters worse, if authorities discover a weapon in your home, additional charges can be applied. Even if you’re not directly involved in trafficking drugs, if drug-related events occurred on your property, you could also face serious charges.

In extreme cases, you stand to lose your property, plus you can be held liable for heavy fines. At the very least, you’ll be subjected to public ridicule and humiliation.

Whether you want to fight the charges or take a plea deal—or don’t know what you want to do—find a lawyer who has established defenses and can explain the relevant law to you and how it applies to your case. With any drug crimes, you should find a lawyer who can provide legal assistance; it might mean the difference between serving many years in prison or simply paying a fine.

Further, you should find a lawyer who knows the system and will be able to offer insight as to local Kansas City court procedures and the tendencies of local prosecutors and judges. As your case moves through the courts, you can be confidant of competent, reliable representation. 

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