Find A Lawyer After A Car Accident In Kansas City

Divine Law LLC Kansas City find a lawyer car accident injury lawyerIf you need to find a lawyer after a car accident, there are many attorneys available in Kansas City. However, if your accident resulted in injuries to yourself or someone else, or there was other damage or loss, it’s best to find a lawyer who specializes in car accident cases. Even if you think at first it was a “simple” accident, it may become complicated as the case develops, and a skilled attorney will be of great benefit to you. Not only will he be able to help you obtain financial compensation for your injuries, but he can also pursue a lawsuit for things like lost wages and pain and suffering.

In spite of the number of lawyers offering their services, you shouldn’t just choose someone at random. Here are some suggestions for how you can find a lawyer to handle your case.

You may be able to find a lawyer by asking your friends and relatives if they can recommend someone they have personal experience with – preferably one who has worked on a car accident case before. But you shouldn’t hire a lawyer based on someone’s word alone. What they experienced won’t be the same as your own experience, and the circumstances of the accident won’t be the same as yours. Car accident cases can differ in the severity of someone’s injuries, the amount of damages incurred and other factors.

Besides asking for personal referrals, there are other options to find a lawyer, starting with yourself. If you already have a lawyer you’re working with on another matter, this person may be able to recommend someone to you.

You may also visit the websites for The Missouri State Bar and the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association which have a legal referral service that may help you find a lawyer in Kansas City who matches your specific type of case. There are other attorney referral resources to be found online. Some referral services screen the attorneys and list only those who are the most experienced and successful. Further, they only list lawyers in good standing, which is a plus for you. This can be helpful in your search to find a lawyer with all the qualities you’re looking for.

These are all good options to help you find a lawyer, but before you hire a lawyer from any source, you should still conduct your own “due diligence.” For instance, ask if the attorney is willing to keep you informed as the case progresses. It’s important to find out what his or her qualifications are; in particular, whether or not they have experience handling car accident injury cases like yours. After interviewing the lawyer, take into consideration their personality and temperament, asking yourself if he or she is someone you can work with? Ultimately, it’s important that you follow your own instincts. You should be able to feel extremely comfortable with the lawyer you choose to represent you. If it doesn’t feel right, move on and find a lawyer with whom you have a better rapport.

Craig Divine is an experienced injury attorney in Kansas City who will openly and honestly communicate with you, explaining in detail every step of the process as your case progresses, and answer all your questions. Therefore, his knowledge becomes your knowledge. As your representative, he will conduct a thorough investigation into your accident, accumulate medical records, police reports and other necessary documents to help build your case. In addition, Craig will appear in court on your behalf, negotiate with opposing counsel and prosecuting attorneys in compliance with the laws of the court and state. As a well-respected, experienced and competent Kansas City attorney, when you need to find a lawyer in Kansas City, call Divine Law, LLC and schedule a free consultation. 

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