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How To Find A Lawyer Car Accident Lawyer

June 13, 2023

If you need to find a lawyer due to involvement in a car accident, Craig Divine of Divine Law, LLC can help! Having your life disrupted by an injury is scary and stressful. Even a minor car accident can lead to more significant problems, especially if there were injuries established at the time of the…

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Talk to A Personal Injury Lawyer Before Agreeing to a Settlement

September 13, 2022

Talking to a personal injury lawyer is important before agreeing to any settlement. Most car insurances will offer you a settlement amount but until you’ve spoken to your personal injury lawyer about all the details don’t sign any kind of paperwork. There are special circumstances in car accident cases, especially when bodily injuries and medical…

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Find A Lawyer To Assist with Your DUI Charge

April 25, 2022

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you need to find a lawyer quick to protect your driving privileges! Craig M. Divine at Divine Law Office, LLC handles several different charges you may need to have a defense attorney hired for. We’ll discuss a couple between the states of Kansas and Missouri in the counties…

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Defense Lawyer in Kansas City

Defense Lawyer in Kansas City for Driving Suspended

January 11, 2022

Do you need a defense lawyer in Kansas City for driving while suspended (DWS)? Craig Divine of the Divine Law Firm, LLC has years of experience helping clients face this charge. Whether you are in Kansas or Missouri, driving while suspended is a serious offense that can impact your life for years to come. You need…

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Defense Lawyer in Kansas City For Probation Violations

September 14, 2021

A defense lawyer in Kansas City is what you may be searching for if you are facing a possible  probation violation. In order to  avoid having your probation revoked, you need an experienced attorney who is willing to fight for your rights. Conditions for probation, also known as supervised release, are similar in both Kansas and Missouri. …

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Defense lawyer in Kansas City

Defense lawyer in Kansas City for Assault Charges

June 9, 2021

Do you need a defense lawyer in Kansas City for an assault charge? Divine Law, LLC can help. Craig Divine has years of experience defending assault cases in both Kansas and Missouri. He will handle your case with professionalism and compassion, and present a vigorous defense on your behalf. As always, ensuring that your rights are protected…

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Divine Law Trial Lawyer DUI Defense Attorney Kansas City blog

Contact a Trial Lawyer for a DUI Offense in Kansas City

January 15, 2021

You may want to hire a trial lawyer to handle your defense for a DUI charge. There can be significant penalties if you are found guilty. A trial lawyer has the knowledge and experience to be able to guide you throughout the process.   Depending on the facts about your case, your specific charges may increase…

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Divine Law LLC Kansas City Criminal Defense Attorney Craig Divine blog

Defense Attorney in Kansas City Services Encompass a Wide Range of Allegations

October 13, 2020

A defense attorney in Kansas City who has experience in many different areas of law can be an important ally when you find yourself in need of a lawyer. With an established law firm located in the heart of downtown Kansas City, Craig Divine is the go-to lawyer you need for criminal matters, personal injury…

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Divine Law Kansas City Trial Lawyer Accident Claims Lost Wages blog

A Trial Lawyer Helps Recover Lost Wages In Personal Injury Claims

July 14, 2020

A trial lawyer can help recover lost income when you have had to miss work due to injuries you sustained in an accident. Losing your earnings due to the inability to perform your job can be detrimental to both your future and your everyday life. Fortunately, Missouri law allows accident victims to recover the amount…

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divine law find a lawyer truck accident collisions kansas city blog

Find A Lawyer For Truck Accident Compensation

June 9, 2020

Find a lawyer who handles personal injury cases if you’ve been injured in an accident involving a large commercial vehicle. It’s not uncommon for traffic accidents to happen, but when it involves a large truck, damages can be catastrophic. Thousands of Americans are injured or killed every year in accidents involving trucks, buses and other…

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